Private switch potentially confusing

When I first saw this switch, I thought it was for turning privacy on or off. Since I was intending to make a public script, I left it “off.”
Only later did I understand I had misinterpreted it, after clicking it and seeing the label change to “Public” once it was switched “on.”


Strongly agree. With a single label, it looks like we’re turning some feature, by that static name, on or off. It’s very surprising to see the label change!

To alleviate any confusion, I recommend that a “Public” label be placed at the opposite end of the switch, so we can all see in advance what the two states are, i.e., what we’re switching between.

With that done, then neither label should have to change. Which should eliminate any surprises.

I suppose you could make the “active” state bold, but that might make the label wider, causing the toggle-widget to move. And there is already enough visual noise of that kind.