Prime DAO - submit prime numbers, mint coins

Made this fun web3 app using the python package which anvil recently added. Users connect to metamask and submit prime numbers and if it hasn’t been guessed before they receive PRIME coins equal to the number they guessed. It’s all on Rinkeby Test net so there’s no real money involved, but it’s still an awesome demo for blockchain development using python on anvil.

One downside of thirdweb platform is it requires the contract private key to be used for each minting, so I store it in anvil secrets. It raises a question, just how secure is the anvil secrets? Is it just as strong as your email password + 2fa you use for your account? Is there any way if the anvil team is under duress by a criminal or court that they could be forced to reveal something in someone’s anvil secrets?


Sounds and looks really cool!

Sorry to be a downer by finding a bug, but when i click conmect wallet, I get an error and cant proceed.

It does throw a red error if you are in a non web3 browser. So if you open it in metamask app it will work.

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HI @joinlook this looks super cool. I’m currently working on a proof of concept app using thirdweb and I want to rapidly prototype a front-end.

Is there any chance you could share your code with me? I’m struggling to implement the thirdweb python SDK and seeing how you’ve connected client and server would be mega useful.


I moved away from thirdweb and instead wrote my own solidity contracts and I use the ethers js library for the front end and it works great.