Paid anvil coach / troubleshooter wanted

I am looking for a tutor / mentor to help me vault over the very basic hurdles of ignorance that I’m tripping up on as I try to find my way round Anvil.

I have a basic understanding of python.

I would like to find someone to mentor me through this process.

Someone who might be able to hop on a zoom a couple of times a week or dive into an app exercise I’m trying out just to help me understand what is going wrong.

This week and next I’m trying to build dashboards from data table entries and hopefully from external APIs.

The tutorials on anvil are ok but often at this early stage I could do with talking the problems through with someone on a call or over email.

I’m based in Europe.

After an initial try out I’d be happy to buy a bank of coaching hours that you could tick off as we go.

Please email me if you are interested. and available to get cracking asap.

Many thanks.

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