Offline WYSIWYG frontend designer

This is maybe a very large topic, but it would be great for corporate adoption in case the WYSIWYG frontend designer was spinned off into a totally offline version as well.

I am aware of the possibilities of Git integration and editing the resulting YAML templates in IDEs directly, but it’s a quite different development experience from the drag and drop experience that Anvil promotes.

The main reason why this is important is because there are some continuity concerns for maintenance of developed applications in Anvil in case Anvil’s maintainers close business. Also, SLAs on bug-fixes can be hard to reach in case Anvil servers are down.

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For what it’s worth the enterprise plan includes on-site deployment of the Anvil Editor.

I would add that ‘offline mode’ is very helpful when there’s an outage in the middle of my editing. I sometimes lose my edits when there’s a short outage or connection problem, which happens more often than I’d like.


What @yahiakalabs said :slight_smile:

We provide the full Anvil editor on-premise, for a variety of companies you’ve probably heard of (see our homepage for a very incomplete list).

If you are a corporate Anvil dev (current or prospective) with this requirement, please drop us a line at and let’s talk!