[no longer required] Proof of concept WhatsApp-ish style chat application

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We require an Anvil dev. to build a proof of concept chat application.

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About the position:
We require a Python programmer to build a proof of concept chat application. The app involves a landing page, a joining process (involving SMS) and a WhatsApp style chat page. The chat will be between a human user and a very, very simple back end “bot” with a limited vocabulary, so no AI is required.

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Hi David, how are you?

This is Tarcisio speaking from INDI TI company in Brazil. This is my first time here on the forum.

We won the 1st Duda Awards Brazil in December last year with the best website developed with the platform.

We are starting to use anvil and right now we are developing a WhatsApp bot for a Mental Health Startup in Brazil. Basically we created an anxiety survey which calculates the final score based on the answers, ater that we have a call to action to allow users to schedule an online consultation with our doctors.

Let me know please more about your project and how we could help you.

Thank you.