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New: Two-Factor Authentication in the Users Service

Yep, you heard me right :slight_smile:

2FA is increasingly important, as phishing and data breaches mean that your users’ passwords aren’t always as secret as they should be. Two-factor authentication requires both the user’s password and a device they have – whether it’s an app like Google Authenticator, or a hardware token like a Yubikey (or even the fingerprint reader on your phone!).

We’ve made it super simple to support 2FA in your Anvil apps. Just check the box in the Users service, and you’re off to the races! See our blog post for more details:

Of course, you can also customise everything about it from code. Check out the reference docs for more:

Using Two-Factor Authentication In Your Apps

PS: Good security is a necessity, not a luxury – so this functionality is available on every plan, from Free to Enterprise. Enjoy!


This is such a great news. Really appreciate your effort to make it happen.

Great news I used it and it worked just fine.