New: Connect your Pico W to the Anvil Uplink!

Last week, Raspberry Pi released the Pico W - a $6 microcontroller board with internet access, that speaks Python. And starting today, you can connect your Pico W to the Uplink!

We’ve released a firmware image for the Pico W that connects to the Anvil Uplink, with proper security built in. Just install it, save your Python code to the Pico’s USB drive, and your little microcontroller will talk to your Anvil app!

We have also released a series of tutorials and documentation, so you can learn all about how to use the Pico W with Anvil. Check them out here:

Bring your Pico W to the Web with Anvil

When you install the Anvil firmware image, your Pico W will show up as a drive on your computer, with sample Python code already present. Open it up, set your WiFi network’s name and password, add your app’s Uplink key, and reboot: Your Pico W will now connect to your app, and you can call functions on your Pico from a web UI with the new @anvil.pico.callable decorator.

So, go forth and create lots of weird and wonderful IoT devices with Anvil - and don’t forget to post your projects in the Show & Tell forum!

Want to know more? Read our announcement:

And check out our page for Anvil on the Pico W:

Bring your Pico W to the Web with Anvil


This is really cool! I can see me doing some home automation stuff with this in the future!

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Look what just came out this weekend:

Seems some folks have been making good use of their time :wink:


I can’t believe it, I was on vacation all last week thinking about how I would have to port anvil-uplink to the pico myself!

You guys never cease to amaze us.


Is this also compatible with Circuitpython? CP is a very nice superset to MicroPython with tons of hardware support.

@mjmare I wonder if you asked adafruit very nicely they would port it to circuitpython? Or maybe FR one of the forums there?

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