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New: Anvil App Server v1.5.1

Hi all,

The latest version of the open-source Anvil App Server is out! Upgrade with:

pip install --upgrade anvil-app-server

Among the various performance enhancements and bugfixes in this version of the App Server, you’ll also find the RichText component, and more control over emails from the Users service.

Special shout-outs to @owen.campbell and @hugetim, whose contributions appear in this release. Thanks to Owen, the interactive database shell uses fancy pgcli rather than plain old psql, and thanks to Tim we have fewer broken links in our documentation :wink:

And as always, you can check out the source on GitHub, and contribute yourself:



With a fresh app server install and a sample app, all that I’m seeing is the spinner. Looking at the browser dev tools, there is a 404 not found error for core.min.js, which then leads to other javascript errors. Is anybody else getting this?

Oops! Issue with the JS build chain there. I’ve just released v1.5.1 with a fix for that :slight_smile:

(You may not be able to fetch it just this second, as the CDN that serves PyPI is suffering an outage - but once it’s up, just pip install --upgrade anvil-app-server again)

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The update works fine. Thanks to all involved for the new release and the quick fix!


I just wanted to pop in here and mention that the new app server is significantly faster than before.

I still prefer the cloud hosting, but a client needs it in country. Very nice.