Neovim in the browser

It doesn’t work at the moment as the plugin can’t handle the latest version of codemirror.

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Thank you for your reply. I guess I’m stuck with Anvil’s editor then.

This is now all working perfectly in the new IDE!

Between us, @stucork and I made a contribution to firenvim to support codemirror6, persuaded codemirror to make a change to improve firenvim support and then incorporated that codemirror improvement into the IDE.

If you update the firenvim plugin (both browser and neovim), it should just all work.


First off a massive thank-you. Owen Campbell’s post was the first inkling I had that firenvim exists and now I too need a lie down.

But I was seduced by Owen’s account of how it “just worked”. It did not just work for me. It has taken me since last week, including the weekend, to find the exact right cocktail of distro, nvim versions, package managers, and settings to get it to “just” work.

For the record I finally got it working on a Debian 10 box on which I manually installed the nvim v0.8.2 appimage, and in the end I binned all the various zany vim package managers I foolishly tried and ended up using the manual, native package management. I also foolishly read a lot of blogs and sketchy documentation that was…maybe not wrong exactly, but misleading in the extreme. To save you all some pain, I suggest Igor Irianto’s blog was truly helpful.


Great that you got it working. I failed to mention in my posts above that I use Packer for plugin/package management.

The firenvim docs also mention that you can’t use a snap or flatpak installation of neovim (because the sandboxing messes it all up), but that’s easily missed.