NAMECLAIM - smart contract and anvil app for claiming unique ticker names for an asset launching application

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts here you’ve heard about our hex liquid stake derivative products that Maximus DAO has launched using anvil for all dapp front ends. Our next iteration of this is a platform for anyone to launch their own token backed by timelocked hex without writing any code. The first stage of this launch is a phase where users can claim names that can be used as unique ticker symbols for assets launched through our platform. This launched this morning and has been quite the hit with many people speculating on the value of these names. is the anvil app for minting names. It’s like an NFT without the T.

My friend who built the marketing page used Framer because it follows similar design patterns as Figma and he is only a python beginner. but he said he would use anvil instead if the design interface was like Framer. I agree that expanding upon the drag and drop UI design interface could help us reach new audiences with anvil.

Overall this is our 5th major crypto asset launch on our anvil sites and the sites have really high conversion and high user satisfaction. Very pleased with the results.