My web-site is not working - PLEASE HELP ME!

“Your session has timed out. Please refresh the page to continue.”

Continuously showing this message when I refresh the page

I dont know what to do - I cannot open my web-site

I am using Safari

Please help me

Same message in Chrome

Hi, @Ilqar,

If you’re running your app in maximised or split view, could you try running your app in a new tab instead and see if that continues to happen then?

I am using new tab - same error again

Can you please share the app ID of the app that’s not working so that we can take a look?

For me this is happening in Edge only - Safari is fine.

I get a ‘session expired’ message on the first server call.

This seems to be specific to me and my browser, as I have had colleagues test my app in Edge on their computers and it works fine for them.


I solved my problem just using Stu’s suggestions with error handling asking to users reload app

Thank you very much !