Maximus DAO built on anvil

Maximus is a smart contract that facilitates trustless pooling of a max yielding hex stake. The contract was built in solidity and the dapp was built all on anvil.

There is a 14 day minting phase Users can pledge HEX to the Maximus Treasury and mint 1 MAXI per hex pledged. Once the minting phase is done the HEX is rolled into a giant max length stake of 5555 days or 15.2 years. Once the stake ends, users can burn their maxi and redeem their portion of the HEX principal plus all the yield it produced. This pooling of small stakes into a single large stake will result In millions of dollars in ethereum gas fee savings while also expanding the financial utility of hex. It has been very well received amongst the hexicans.

So far In the first 2 days of the minting phase, 1300 unique users have used the anvil front end to pledge about $7M worth of HEX to the treasury. Everything worked like a charm.

I’ll publish the clonable link once the minting phase is done which shows examples of how to connect an anvil app to metamask and use it to interact with smart contracts. This was the first time I have used anvil.js.window which is a major game changer.

On behalf of the Maximus community, THANK YOU ANVIL!!


Nice! I’ve been playing around with metamask and wallet connect on anvil too. (nothing worth publishing though, unlike you)!


Firstly, well done.

Secondly, I think I only understood about six words in that … :slight_smile:


Most of your post went out of my head. But if I understand correctly, it is related to stocks and marketing (Something I have 0 knowledge about).

But your website seems well made and I loved the interface.
Although, I encountered an error at one point

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Oh yeah if you’re viewing it in a browser that isn’t connected to metamask it will throw that error. Thanks for pointing that out.

Haha yeah hex is a coin that’s quite deep down the crypto rabbit hole.

Thanks for letting me know. I probably should stop playing around with things I don’t understand :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

I have three comments:

  • It looks good, good luck!
  • The notification that appears is so fast that I can’t read it
  • Your graph goes back in time :slight_smile:

Yep it’s the Wild West over here. Sometimes time in fact does move backwards


If anyone is interested in contributing to this please let me know. It would be massively helpful to have some strong JavaScript support to work alongside our anvil native designer.


Quick update:
The 2 week minting phase came to a close today. 5300 unique users minted a total of $50M worth of HEX into MAXI. This HEX was all entered into a max length stake of 5555 days. This stake is the 5th largest 5555 day stake in hex history.

Overall people loved the minting experience on our anvil app and I didn’t hear a single complaint about failures with the website. Only issues were user error.

I had an awesome experience making the dapp front end in anvil, the ease of driving the web3 and ethers.js libraries with python on client forms was a game changer. I think the crypto development crowd could be strong candidates as anvil users.

Stay tuned, there are lots of further opportunities related to this hex stake co-ownership concept we invented.


I was waiting to hear how it turned out, I’m so glad everything worked as expected!

I’m still looking forward to this bit, I’m wondering how hard it was to implement metamask in anvil?

Have you been able to successfully integrate wallet connect with anvil?

I did yes, but I was just playing around to see what’s possible. I’m not sure I still have it.

Actually, I do have the basics of it still around:

That’s the metamask playground. I’ve found my wallet connect app, but it seems to have an error when I run it and I don’t have the the time right now to chase that down.

IIRC, this was something to do with not being able to use v2 for some reason. That’s probably not the case any longer and I should probably to back to it…