Looking for Anvil Mentor

We are looking for:
An experienced Anvil mentor to support me in understanding the best ways to build the app for my startup.

This job is:
Part-time, 1-4 hours a week, flexible

Remote (I am based in Berlin)

About me:
I am an experienced early-stage product manager with 10 years experience and 3 products under my belt. I have left the startup I cofounded early this year (peers-solutions.com) to focus on building a new startup as a solo-preneur. Together with chat GPT and my previous coding experience in other languages I have been teaching myself how to build the app in anvil. It’s going well so far, but sometimes I get stuck longer than necessary.

About the position:
I am looking for a mentor to support me in the following areas:

  • Review my code to identify bad practices and optimisation opportunities
  • Support me with implementation strategies when I get stuck
  • Support me in my development as a coder and in professionalising my code

I am looking for someone who is on top of their game when it comes to best practices, in Anvil, in Python and in general software development practices. I want to learn how to do things right so that I can build a first MVP that can be easily iterated on to create a stable, production-ready, scalable app as the user-base grows.

I am looking foward to learning from you and improving my coding abilities and Anvil knowledge. I am a fast learner (BSc in Maths and PhD in Physics from Imperial) and very excited to learn and improve!

How to apply:
Send me an email: davidtopf2@gmail.com or a whatsapp: +49 179 7298403


I’ve found support for this, thank you!

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