Looking for an experienced Anvil dev (Freelance for starter)

We are looking for: An experienced, Python developer experienced with the Anvil framework to join our team as Freelance (for a start).

This job is: Contracting (min. 15h/week)

Location: Remote

About the position:

Thomas and myself have built a MVP of our product using Anvil and we are looking for help to improve and deploy the v1 and following upgrades.

With our project, we are building AI model and aim at preventing errors in the construction industry. Our first product is an automated quote comparison tool for the construction industry. We have currently signed a few clients and are co-building the remaining features with them.

We want to prepare to scale, hence this recruitment post!

For now we are based in France, and are totally fine working in English/having people working remotely.

What matter most to us: finding the right person with the right skillset!

How to apply:
Reach out at mike@sillant.com with a quick blurb about your past projects and examples of your greatest codework for review.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!