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Keep apps safe from accidental deletion

I want to see if there is a flag you can turn on to prevent your app from being accidentally deleted, say once it is in production.

For example, many of us have multiple apps - say one is in production and others are either under construction or simply experimental bits. There is the remote possibility that, however careful you are, a few quick key presses may result in a loss of lot of work.

Is there a way to flag some app(s) as DO NOT DELETE? Is there any hack to achieve this?

I accidentally did this today, but luckily only for a dependency which I quickly restored


I would enjoy a setting on an application to prevent its deletion. That would make deleting one of those apps a multi-step process (change the setting, then delete it). As it is, I’m paranoid anytime I delete a test app, just in case I accidentally clicked on the wrong app.


Agreed - I’m paranoid about accidentally deleting a mission critical app. What’s the preferred method of backing up an app in case it needs to be restored? Secondly, how would one go about restoring a deleted app? All I see from the Anvil screen is Create Blank App or use one of their few template apps.

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I see this:
which works with the 2nd option shown below:

Actually, you could use either of the two options immediately above.

If you have data tables, you’d need to copy them separately. If the data are simple enough, then CSV export, once for each table, would work.


Aha, I was only looking at the Start page (as opposed to the My Apps page), which doesn’t have that option.

Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll get in the habit of exporting the YAML from the Share Your Apps page.