Just to thank the Anvil staff for creating this fantastic web app tool

I am a retired engineer in automotive and in electronics. I build in all these years a lot of hardware projects that needed to be controlled by software. So I wrote a lot of applications using all possible languages (Machine code, Visual basic, C++, C#, html,css,JavaScript, Swift, flutter, python…) and I used a lot of tools and IDE to create them (Arduino, Android Studio, Xcode….you name it), BUT really the best what happen in my life is to find Anvil works. This made my life much easier by needing only python and micropython to create and realise all my apps. I saw and I see a lot of other applications that try to use Python to create web app, but they don’t reach your ankles yet. I wish this existed earlier in my professional active period.
So thank you again and congratulations for this fantastic tool that you created. You may be very proud of it.
I know from experience that customers only contact you, when something goes wrong and believe me there are only a few that think to contact you to tell you that it is working fine, but this few give you the boost to continue your project.