Just to share my thoughts on Anvil

Hi all! I am a newbie and have nothing to show yet. But I juat want to record and share my experience of how I arrived at Anvil. In short I completely agree with what founder Dr Meredydd Luff said in several youtube videos.

My plan is to build mobile apps that connect to our company’s databases using REST API and Webhook. I started the search for “no-code” tools several months ago. I don’t need to mention the names but suffice to say that the “no-code” way of programming by picking options and building flowcharts is much less efficient than coding, and more difficult to maintain. Next I looked to the “low-code” category. But in the two tools I drill down, I found that to type just a few lines of custom code, one really needs to know a lot about their language and framework. And finally, compiling and publishing the apk is also slow and not straightforward.

I think Anvil has what I need: 1) build apps that can install quickly on mobile devices; 2) app UI that is not overly complex to become a drag; 3) a popular programming language that can connect to backend databases easily; 4) If I am not wrong, there is room to insert HTML and JS that would allow for more direct interaction with our backend databases.

So best wishes to the Anvil team!