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Is it possible to set a debug mode?

Is it possible to add a feature which sets the debug mode of the app? Alternatively if the debug mode is not explicit, for the app to behave differently if the user is logged into the anvil account as compared to a visitor?

I’ve created an app for testing purposes. Somewhere in there I’ve made a mistake ( In an ideal world I would want to know what the mistake is so that I can fix it. However I would want to show different content to the visitor. Maybe something that lets them know that the content is not available but that I’ve been made aware & they should check back later, etc.

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Hi Sergio,

I think we already do what you want! Even when your app is running outside the Anvil editor, all errors and print output are saved in the app logs. You can find them in the app menu:

Here’s an example of what app logs look like. You can check a box to show debug sessions (ie sessions from inside the Anvil editor). You can also search your logs for particular words, or show only the sessions with an uncaught exception. If there was an exception, you can click the message to jump straight to the line of code where the error occurred (just like in the Anvil editor):

Was that what you wanted?

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