Invalid Value - Dropdown Populated from DB

So I have on show a function setup that basically loads my snake names from the table rows but for some reason until I pick the drop down and change the option it shows this initial invalid value even though my other 2 names are there, any idea what might be causing this?

it refreshes pretty quickly so you barely notice it but wasn’t sure what might be causing this.

Not sure but the first thing that comes to mind is that the data binding to the dropdown is set to a property that is inconsistent with what is being given from the data table. Like, binding a number from the DB table to the “align” property of the dropdown component. But I actually have no idea…

Yea its weird cause like I said very quickly it shows the circles refreshing and it disappears and shows my please select menu with all the snakes that I loaded from the db.

just was odd

That is odd…


Hello @alcampopiano and @thenerdypython

Did you ever manage to find out the reason for the invalid value?

I have the same problem and I am not even populating from the DB. The only one that does not show invalid value is the one populating from DB…

It’s been a long time, so I may not be remembering it properly… I had a value of None, but None was not in the list of valid values, so it was an <Invalid value>.

I fixed it by including a placeholder, but as is this looks like a bug…

Thanks for your help. You guys are amazingly responsive. I am loving working with Anvil because of all this support

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