👥 Introducing the Community Page

Hi everyone,

Over the years we’ve loved seeing the Anvil community share apps, share code and help one another on the forum. To make it easier to engage with the community, we’ve created a new community page. It has it all, from Discord servers and subreddits, to information on starting your own communities - check it out here:

We’re lucky to have such a vibrant and global community. We can’t wait to see you all in your favourite community spaces.



Joined the discord server!

(github link doesn’t work)

Thanks @owen.campbell - the repository wasn’t much use being set to private! :man_facepalming:

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It looks like the LinkedIn group is requiring admin approval to join (just noting in case that’s not intended).

Thanks for highlighting that @hugetim. Who knows why but, for some reason, automatic member approval isn’t available on the group. I’ll be letting people in manually for the time being but I’ve raised it with LinkedIn’s support.

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FYI re LinkedIn: as far as I’ve seen, posts there do not preserve indenting. So watch out when you post code examples.

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