Inexpensive Web Designers?

Does anyone have any web designers they’ve used before who are at the no-budget individual person startup level of cost?

The design is not for the Anvil app, but for a Bootstrap based static site that goes along with it. I’m horrible at design, so literally cannot do this myself. My quotes from various folks so far have ranged anywhere from $1,500 to $6,000.

Those were from people making a living at design, so I guess I’m looking for a talented hobbyist? Or is that just wishful thinking?

There are several schemes (in the UK at least) aimed at people returning to work in the tech field after a break in their career for whatever reason. They are always looking for opportunities for their delegates to get their first paid work on the cv.


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That particular one is very cool, but looks very high powered, well above what I need (and likewise out of my price range for sponsorship).

If I have to I’ll go with freelancer sites, but I’ve had bad luck getting anyone reliable on those, so was hoping someone had a personal recommendation.

Good designers are expensive! If you want a site design on a budget, a good option is to buy an off-the-shelf design (frequently referred to as “themes”). A quick google for “Bootstrap theme” yields several places you can grab a design for sub-$100. Switch out images and colour schemes as necessary to match your branding, and voila!


Unfortunately I think I’ll have to settle for the pre-built themes. None match the way I’d like the pages laid out (apparently my design sensibilities are a bit archaic), but without a budget (or a partner who knows Bootstrap/CSS) I’ll have to adapt the site to the themes available.

Will your site be more content or tools?

My site is a custom app written in Anvil, but not directly Anvil related.