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i am trying to add numpy and panda libraries :

i have tried adding numpy and panda libraries in the coding of forum but still it is saying that no module named pandas found how can i add these libraries as i have also purchased personal plan:

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Many libraries can only be included in server modules, not in forms. numpy and pandas are in that category.


What is the difference between a server module and a form? I want to use the PIL library, so I paid for the upgraded personal plan and installed it, but I am having the same issue as hashimm7676. I am trying to call PIL from a form, and now I see that’s not possible. How do I import it on a “server module” and what can I do with that code? Can I run code on the server module when something is clicked on a form?

Form code runs in the browser, which means running in Skulpt, a Javascript implementation of Python that includes many (but not all) standard Python libraries, and almost none of the third-party libraries.

Server code runs in on a different machine (the server) in a full Python environment where any Python library can be used.

You may want to start running through the Anvil tutorials. The first one, the feedback form tutorial, covers running code on the server: Anvil | Build a Simple Feedback Form