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I'm new at this!

Not even sure how this show-and-tell forum works. I’ve looked at a few, and every single contribution flew over my head!

What I’m (attempting) to show and tell about is an app for nested databases. using the anvil database, and within the database is a collection of json databases. I hardly know what I’m talking about. Project concept: an oversimplified version of direct democracy (with the available areas being in south africa). It’s about collecting opinions, and then providing graphs of the average ‘scores’ and ‘tax allocation’ per social pillar (e.g. police, health, water etc.). And then doing a repeating thing for the comments, based on ‘region of interest’ and ‘pillar’. Pillar referring to the social pillars

Due to unknown bytes that might accumulate (and how much my subscription allows [I have very little knowledge what I’m talking about, btw, lol]) - i attempted an automatic database reset after every 10 days

i’m showing it off anyway because it looks like it works.
i’d also love if anyone can show me how to improve this. even as a novice, i can tell it looks clunky. on a webpage it seems to load okay-fast, and on a mobile app it loads slower

either way; it might help people who know less than me (lol, i’m more of a program-stitcher than a programmer) - and i hope to learn from anyone who can provide any advice. with both 1) better programming, and 2) tips for better presentation and best pactices

Hope you all doing well. it’s crazy hot in SA, cape town. Melting my face off 30seconds in the sun



how does one share the source code of the app thing?

(apologies for the novice-ness, but i suspect you’ll be finding more people like me. the advancement in IT seems to have allowed MANY more inexperienced people into this field)

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Thanks for the share!

You can share the source code by sharing a clone link.

Here are the docs showing you how:

Folks around here pretty helpful. Good luck with your development and congrats on your app.

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Thanks for this. Literally everyday learning something useful

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