IDE Database interaction with SQL

Something that would certainly help me is being able to interact and apply queries directly on my data tables. Clients often ask why they are seeing certain results and it would be really beneficial to be able to write queries on my DB’s and get the results within the IDE.

Currently, if I want to write short one off queries or do investigation on results, I’ll open a dev branch and write a python function that I can call from a server console. I have a dedicated anvil plan, so I often write SQL queries and interact with my DB’s in that sense but all through psycop2g.
Something like this would be great:

Since SQLite now compiles for (and runs in) the browser, that may ultimately be feasible.

You can just write your query within the server console. You don’t need to create a function on a separate branch.

I have a dedicated plan, and I have SQL access to the database.

I have an SQL Tester app that I use for my test queries.
The app can use the table_1234 format to query any table of any app, or I can share the tables and use the table name in the query.

My little app is very far from what you are asking, but your snapshot shows things that are not and will never be available in Anvil data tables.

For non SQL queries I use a server console, as suggested by @owen.campbell.

Perhaps we are more likely to see a much simpler filter that allows to type the arguments for (I thought I already had an FR for this, but I can’t find it now):