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I want to learn anvil and python. Can I hire anyone to teach me?

I’m trying to make a web app that’s a dashboard for users with active data that changes. I know C++, Xojo and Visual Basic.

Is anyone interested? I will pay your hourly rate for remote screen sharing to help me get this started.

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The “Job Adverts” category would be a good place to post this. You may be able to move it there by editing your post (I tried but was not permitted).

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There are likely more of us looking to learn Advil and Python at the same time. Too often the answer given is to learn one before the other. I’m convinced that learning both together is better. This requires a collaboration between those who know and those who want to know. Thoughts on how to converge for such an effort?

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Not answering your specific question but, if you want to learn Anvil, check out the free Anvil course at Talk Python Training.

That site also has a ton of other useful stuff and links to podcasts about Python which are normally interesting to listen to.


thanks very much for sharing this! :slight_smile:

Yeah. I’m trying to work through that course now. Slow going though since it assumes prior knowledge of Python on other platforms (which I will not be doing).

Thanks for the link to the “Talk Python” course. I’m going through it now and it’s awesome.

As far as learning Python, I do not have bandwidth right now to teach. But I can point to resources.

I started learning the Python data analytics stack around 5 years ago (started in 2016). I am not a web developer.

One of the first books that helped was “Automate the Boring Stuff with Python”. I really liked the selenium scraper stuff. I also learned a lot from Wes McKinney pandas book.

FreeCodeCamp now has a number of free Python courses for beginners (free). For people who like guided learning, the bootcamp option is a classroom setting but expensive (I was previously a TA for Trilogy at UC-Irvine). A number of former students went on to data jobs after graduating.

I am surprised not much responses yet. Do you have an estimated pay rate in mind?

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I’d be down to share what I’ve learned for creating simple user interfaces. I know how helpful it can be to just have someone show you hands-on how to get something done, so ping me if you want to discuss further. Anvil is awesome!