HTML Template Name Error

I have created an app using the “Rally” template. I have changed the name of the app, but in confirmation emails for new signups, the ‘from’ name still appears as “Rally App 1Accounts”. “Rally App 1” does not appear anywhere in the entire app so there is not way I can correct this. Hope I am wrong, but it looks like a bug in the templates implementation.

Is there any way to name the app name apply to the login confirmation emails?

Have you looked at all the Users Service settings? Some of them are “collapsed” by default.

I have clicked on everything I could find in the app. No place do I find “Rally App 1”. I have restarted everything and tried it again. Same result. I have done a send_email with no from_name and I receive it with no name as expected.
The current app is a fully developed app I have been working on for weeks. Interestingly, I have created another new test app and tried the same thing and it behaves correctly. So the problem is only with this particular app.
So is this related to app version history maybe?

Or perhaps, if you’re using the Beta IDE, to Environments? Thought I’d seen that here in the Forum…

Edit: I don’t use the Email Service in my apps. Perhaps someone else here, who does, has better ideas.

Thanks… Ill have to experiment a little I guess.
Its not a problem with the Email service. Rather it is with the Users service with Sign-in method of Email + Password selected. When a new user signsup, a confirmation email is sent to the users email. This is where I see the “Rally App 1Accounts” name appear in the email.

I seem to recall that sending Emails always uses the Published version of the App…