How to make a live in-forum link?

I’ve seen live apps here in the Forum. They’re remarkably effective for answering some Forum questions.

What does it take for me to do that, i.e., for me to embed one of my apps so that it is live inside my Forum message reply?

You just need to paste the link of your app (It must be made public first, I suppose).

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It’s public now, but where I posted it, it shows only as a link.

(emphasis mine) seems to work.

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It’s working fine here.

Maybe the link was private when you pasted it? Try removing and adding the link again and see if it fixes things.

I did edit and paste in a new link, but it was character-for-character identical to the original, so I cancelled my edit.

At least that topic is solved now (Although, you can always make some simple edits like removing/adding a full stop to make it work).