How to load another form inside of the main one column_panel and making it full width

What I’m trying to do:
I created a new app, I have “Main” form which serves as the name suggests - the main dashboard page. In addition I have other pages(forms) that given a click on a button in the sidemenu it get’s loaded into column_panel_1 which is in the main form.
All works fine but the second form is loaded into the center even though I click full_width in the properties of the second form elements.

Any idea?

In your main form you likely have a self.content_panel column panel which your content gets loaded into. That content panel also needs to have full_width_row checked in order for the second form to be able to stretch the entire width.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
In terms of a column panel(content panel), I don’t have full_width_row property, I only have it if I put an element in it.

Oh shucks. I forgot that content_panel expands to fill available space. You likely have to look at the organization of your panels. In my experience, the reason why full-width doesnt actually go full width is that you have that element wrapped in another panel that is NOT full-width.

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I had exactly the same problem. Not only your container need to be set to full width, but also the new form need to be put inside some container with full row width settings.

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Hi guys,
So after trying a lot of tricks, different structures of items, I found that if I use a “GridPanel” component instead of a column panel, I can achieve a full width of the form I try to load. It won’t be only displayed in the center.
Hope this helps!