How to depend on a tag

@jshaffstall I have tried this (pushing a tag with ‘V1’ on my master branch), but I don’t see as a version when I add one of my own apps as a dependency (just the usual Published and Development). Any suggestions? TIA.

Hi @niall,

Proboably best to create a seperate post for that - but I don’t have the permission to split posts.

This is my usual workflow - I use Github Desktop but its just personal preference:

#0. Clone your repo to your local machine (there are a few posts on that on the forum)

#1. create tag on the commit you want to version

#2. push changes to your anvil repo

In your case I think you just need to use a lower case “v”


@mark.breuss That was it! I changed the V1 to a v2.0 and it appeared! thanks.