How can i transfer information from a form to another?

I am trying to transfer some variables from one form to another to have a more comfortable display of the results. I’m not very good with code, so I’d like something simple.

I tried to use a module as temporary storage for the information, but it’s not working.

Form 1


Module 2

a = “”
b = a
def get_b(b):

a = b

def set_b():

return a

Form 2

informatio = Module2.set_b();


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This is a frequently-asked (and answered!) question, so Search should get you going in short order.

Also, remember the
lines, in the examples you were given when you created this topic? They’re there for a reason: to accurately show your code. Python is indentation-sensitive, but this Forum is not. For us to see your code as it really is, you’ll need to put
``` python
on a line by itself before your code, and
on a line by itself afterwards. Otherwise, the all-important indentation goes away.