How can i send a newly generated link to phone number

What I’m trying to do:
I want to send a few details from Project- A to Project-B. The details are sent when I enter a phone number and a newly generated link is sent to the phone number, which opens the Project-B with the details


Can I make the single form that I made in project B in A (but how will generate new link to open that form!?)

(I think it is related to app dependancy - to get the details in project - B)

Idk how to get started. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

What details do you want send? Are you using Twillio or some other API to send SMS messages?

Thank you @nickantonaccio .

I’m trying to send details of the products, which I have fetched through SQL. I actually haven’t started anything and I don’t know Twilio

You could, for example, send an SMS message containing the formatted string results of a database query, using the Twilio Python API, in Anvil server functions. Log those sent messsages in a database table. Then, for example, you could provide a link to the app URL in the same SMS message. When the user logs in with their user name (you should have their phone number related to a user name, if you sent a text to that number) have the app display a form with results related to any logged messages that have been sent to the phone number saved for that user account.

But that’s just a stab in the dark, without any more technical detail about what you’re imagining. You’re more likely to get help from the forum community if you start a project, write at least some minimal scaffolding code, share a clone that provides some basic context, and ask some specific technical questions, for example, about how some particular lines of code in a API example can be integrated with your existing working application code.