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How can I beautify my web page

Is there a way to make the anvil page look beautiful without having to use HTML ?

Also is there a way i can put a gif or a photo as the main form background ?


Usually it’s preferable to ask a single question per topic.

Beauty is subjective :slight_smile: . If you have a specific question about what you would like to accomplish, please clarify.

Please search the forum for “background image” I believe this has been asked before.

You may also want to read this post which describes how to ask a question in a way that will help you get a great answer.

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Anvil provides all the tools for basic designing. For advanced designing, you can apply CSS roles to the components. As for the background image.

import anvil.js

You can set the background Image to a Base64 encoding, a url, an image from your assets or data table.

@aditbiha12345 it is possible.
This example was done with 100% CSS.

You might also have a look at some of the Template apps or other examples found here: Anvil | Examples