Help with File Loader to Dropbox (large video files)

We are looking for: Help writing functions for Dropbox upload

This job is: Contracting

Location: Remote (**Upwork a plus)

About the position:

I’m an accountant/analyst who just knows a little bit of Python. Project started as way to serve some dashboards but scope has grown.

Working on a feature that could use a little dev help.
The app is an instructor portal for a health and wellness video service.
The instructors need to submit videos to the platform.
The Client would like videos to save to Dropbox because it has integration with the platform.

Is someone available to lend a hand writing the functions I need?


The core of the app was created using Michael Kennedy’s Tutorial.

I have the Dropbox integration up and running and saving files using the Dropbox package in a server module.

The rub is: they are video files and can be very large.

Tried embedding the Dropbox “file request” link from Dropbox in an iframe but was blocked.
Besides, we like the ability to pull the file metadata to match up with the submission form.

For the standard upload call (less than 150MB)
- Get the server timeout error because it can take longer than 30 seconds
- Guessing it needs pushed to a background service

For larger uploads (>150MB):
- Need to implement the session chunking API.
- Found some good starter code for this on Stackoverflow but not sure exactly how it works

For Both:
- Need to implement some exception handling
- The backup plan is to present the Dropbox file request URL (stored in user table) upon failure.
- Probably want to log this service to a local db table

Long Term: The client is also interested in a secondary dev/admin for advanced features and resiliency if something were to happen to me. Already on the roadmap is some UI design work which is a little beyond me.

I am working for them through Upwork, if anyone else is on that platform as well it would be a plus and they can set you up directly.

How to apply:
If interested, send an email to
If you have any specific experience with the Dropbox API, let me know!
Josh Nourse