Hello! I'm Anvil's new Developer Advocate

Hi everyone! I recently started working at Anvil as a Developer Advocate. I’ll soon be active on the forums helping out, so I’d like to introduce myself!

Before beginning at Anvil, I completed an MSc in Speech and Language Processing. I wrote my dissertation on multimodal emotion recognition although I’m partial to anything related to Natural Language Processing or Machine Learning, particularly if written in PyTorch. I am excited to learn about how people are using Anvil with their ML projects and to help out with any questions.

Prior to getting into NLP and ML, I studied French, Italian and Linguistics. Back then, I never thought I’d work in tech let alone write code for a living, so I’m especially eager to help anyone who’s just starting out. I remember what it’s like to be new to it all!

In my spare time, I like to embroider, watercolor paint and bake. I also love musicals, Hitchcock films (or anything old and suspenseful) and re-(re-)watching episodes of Psych. :pineapple:

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone on the forums! I’ll also be writing blog posts and tutorials and generally working to make Anvil better!


Hi Brooke and welcome.
I love to see Anvil growing like this!
Looking forward to the new tutorials and posts.

Welcome Brooke - if you’re game I’d love to share an Anvil app we’ve been working on with you in a week or two. It revolves around speech recognition (Google and AssemblyAI), subtitles, and using that as the basis for further NLP, so might be up your street!

I’m also linguist (Arabic, French, German, Russian) turned Video Producer turned DIY Python mangler!

All the best,

Welcome, Brooke!

Welcome Brooke!

Hi Peter!

That sounds awesome! I’d love to check it out for sure. Even after my degree, I still find ASR to be a bit mystifying but super interesting.

If you’re happy to, please post about it on the Show and Tell Forum when you’re finished!

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Welcome Brooke! It’s great to see the Anvil team growing!