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Hello everyone, I'm Anvil's new developer advocate

Hi everyone,

I’m Ryan and I’m excited to say, I’ve recently joined the Anvil team as a Developer Advocate!

Now that I’m up to speed with what we do here at Anvil, I thought it was about time that I said hello while giving you all a little background on who I am.

I’ve been working in tech for five years, with the majority of my time working as a technical consultant. Technical consultant is one of those job titles that is lovely and broad, so what does it actually mean?

It means I’m experienced in understanding requirements, empathising with a user and implementing solutions.

I’m hoping that, by bringing this experience to the table, I’ll be able to improve Anvil and help the community reach their goals. Whether those goals are an enterprise product launch or a small personal project.

Beyond technology, I’m also partial to talking about cycling, snowboarding, coffee and entire documentaries on the font Helvetica.

Along with the rest of the Anvil team, I will be on the Forum, writing blog posts and working to improve Anvil. I look forward to meeting you all!


Welcome, sir!

Welcome Ryan!

awesome to have you!

Welcome @ryan!
Good to have a developer advocate :smiley:
All the best

Welcome Ryan! I know I speak for others when I say we look forward to interacting with you in the forum!

Thank you all for the warm welcome!

Whoops. I missed this one!

Hi @ryan and welcome. Looking forward to meeting you at some point once this current madness is done.

Sounds like the perfect job for you @Ryan. I’m based in Lyon, France. So I’m never not up for a snow-centric discourse…