Guyette Software SMS CRM

This job is: Contracting, fixed bid, fixed timeline.

Location: This is full remote

About the position:
I’d like to establish a more long term relationship with the contractor, but first I need to get a feel for the pool of interested / available people, and if it’s worth pursing hiring, or just do the work myself.

This specific job is creating a calander with events. I have more of a description of what I’m wanting in a PowerPoint, but am unable to upload it to this job posting. If you are interested, follow the instructions in the “How to apply:” section, and I will shoot you and email, with more context, and the PowerPoint.

How to apply:
Send an email to The subject line should be “SMS CRM 423432344”. Also include some Anvil app links to work that you have done to show off your skills :slight_smile: