Google Integration

Is the built in google integration available within a widget?

I’ve tried something quickly, but I get a ModuleNotFoundError for something that works fine in an ordinary anvil app.

I also then get this which probably isn’t quite what’s intended:

Here’s the widget I’m playing around with:

I forked it and then opened it in the full Anvil editor. When I added the Google API’s service, I stopped getting that error and then got this one: anvil.server.InternalError: To get Google API tokens, you need to supply your own client ID and secret which made sense to me. However, once I added this service, I could no longer edit it on Don’t know if that’s intentional or not though.

Yep, my guess is that the service isn’t available within (hence the question). Not sure whether that’s deliberate or not!

Yes, so far that’s deliberate. We’re trying not to bring all of Anvil’s bells and whistles into - each one of them exists for a reason, but the cumulative effect is a bunch of complexity and we wanted to be, in some sense, “simple mode” for Anvil.

We might be persuaded to bring some more things across (we had a long back-and-forth about Data Tables, for example), but for now we’re going to see how far we can get with a server module, a form or a script.


OK, thanks for the explanation