Getting this error

Some users at this are getting this error- “anvil.tables.TableError: Internal database error: ERROR: out of shared memory
Hint: You might need to increase max_pred_locks_per_transaction.”

What I’m trying to do:
Using Anvil’'s internal database to save user inputs

What I’ve tried and what’s not working:

Read the forum and din’t find any solutions. Any ideas on what I need to do to resolve this?

Code Sample:

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Welcome to the forum @my.anvil.

Please start from here: How to ask a good question

Your question has a generic subject without info. People are unlikely to click on it because all they know is that it’s a badly worded subject and they don’t know if it’s part of their expertise.

The question doesn’t have a clone link or code snippet, only has a very generic description of the problem, so all I can say is that there is a problem with the database, which is a very generic answer that is not going to help you.

Hi @my.anvil,

As it happens, this information is enough for us to correlate your report with our internal logs. Can you confirm when these errors have occurred, and in particular whether any have occurred since last Thursday?

Many thanks for the reply. The last error occurred on March 16, 2023 (Session ID: MPS7C4OHXVEZWCP4NKCPMJR6NLAU6WCL). Prior errors also occurred on the same date (UG3EMOMXKO5CDE7CXW5TJLU2OYUIKFX7).

I haven’t tested extensively after March 16, 2023. If the error happens again, will update here.

Mostly just wanted to know if there is anything I needed to fix at my end before widely circulating my app link.

Thanks again.