Freelancer requried for new project

We are looking for:
Anvil freelancer to develop a strategy execution app

This job is:
Contracting (for each sprint we will agree on the cost before kick-off)


About the position:

The purpose of the first sprint is to be used as a proof of concept of Anvil ability to fullfill project need.
it is possible that some features are doable in Anvil, the work arounds will be figured out down-the-line.

In this sprint, there is no user management, emails, or any process flow. Just simple structure of menus and forms to perform CRUD tasks into the DB.

Left main menu items will be activated

  1. Plan
  2. Monitor

If user clicks on any item, the relevant forms will be opened in the right section of the page.

Each item will be explained in attached slides

How to apply:
Please pm if you are intrested and make sure you provide your cost estimates for the first sprint.


The fourm does not allow PDF files to be shared.

it is available in the link below