Forum preview of share links

If possible, it would be nice to be able to preview how a share link will display when drafting a forum post, rather than a generic placeholder image:


We’d love to do this, but unfortunately that’s a limitation of Discourse, the forum software we use. supports oEmbed (which means you’ll be able to embed widgets into a bunch of different places), and embeds a live code editor/browser in the page. Unfortunately Discourse reckons that this might be too disruptive in a preview pane, so it renders the generic “shrug emoji” preview where the iframe will be.


Somewhat relatedly, the “copy url” button in the embedded widget isn’t working for me, when I try to click the one embedded in my Show and Tell post:

Yep, that’s an iframe security thing - it’s not allowed to touch the clipboard! We’ll add it to our list to at least display the error :-/

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