Formatting of Datetime and force user to complete time in date picker

What I’m trying to do:
Trim the datetime format not to show +0000 as shown below

Also how can force that user enters the time in the date picker please

Help please
see clone

When you want to change the look of something in a data grid, the normal technique is to edit the row template form (double click in the IDE where the rows would appear), put a label into that column, and then using data binding to format the data in some other way.

Python has a standard way of specifying datetime formatting using datetime.strftime. You can see some examples here: Python strftime() function - GeeksforGeeks

Alternatively, you can use a custom component that has all that built in (and converts to the user’s local time zone): Local Timezone Display in Data Grids You’d drop one of those components into the row template column instead of a label.

Many thanks for the pointers

Hi Jeff

Any guidance on how to overlay the custom component over the field or label. I just can’t get it to work and the overlay appears as a another field beside it.



You wouldn’t use a label, use the custom component instead and data bind to the custom component. The label is if you’re not using the custom component.

Sorry to bother you again.

Could you elaborate on the statement please?

“use the custom component instead and data bind to the custom component” in your reply

Many thanks


I think @jshaffstall was speaking about this custom component he built, which even has a clone link showcasing how to use it:
(from the above post)

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Thanks everyone

I did this without creating a component I added a text field to the datagrid row with the following binding

It seemed to work

Many thanks