Folders For Organising Projects

(thought this FR already existed, but it seems not…)

My projects are getting messy - too many forms. Soooooo…

… please can we create folders to put our forms in so we can group them (preferably allowing nesting N deep)? Purely organisational for the IDE; no code implications.

To everyone else who wants this - please “like” this post to move it up the priority list :slight_smile:


Just to add to this -

folders for projects would be good too, so I can group clients’ projects together.


Definitely folders for project, too. Having multiple apps, and now looking at having dev and prod versions of those apps, makes finding things in the Big List difficult. I’d love to be able to create a folder for the overall project, and then a dev and prod folder inside of that, etc.


Folders for apps - issue raised, thanks.

(Folders for Forms is in the pipeline.)


Would it be possible to get this feature added to the road map at some point :pray:

it would be so useful for project maintenance of all the apps developed!


This would be a great help for organizing things.

Several years later my number of apps has grown, and the axes around which I want to organize them have grown, too. I’d now far prefer tags for flexibility, instead of folders, if we only end up with one way of organizing apps: Tags for app list

Both would be great, of course.