[Fixed] Did some UI update for the checkbox components happen? "Broke" Production App UI

The UI for this list worked for a couple months, for one or two days now we are getting bug reports from customers that the layout is broken.

Seems like it lost left padding or something like that.

I mean Its not a big deal to fix it but,

  1. I want to understand why apps break without changing any code.
  2. If it should be a bug from anvil I dont want to fix it now and then later have to revert it when the anvil fix is out. (if that makes sense :sweat_smile:)




It would be useful to know when at least major updates get dropped as we could then make sure our apps are still running fine afterwards. I had similar issues on rare occasions (and just today, actually).

Hi @mark.breuss

I’m very sorry about this. In case it helps in dealing with your customers, it looks like the issue has been present since yesterday afternoon. Now fixed - thanks for your patience.

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Hi @daviesian,

thanks for the fast fix - looks all good again :+1:

I think the single best thing anvil could do would be to have a stable and beta environment of the runtime. Similar to frameworks such as Flutter. I could just switch to the beta runtime environment for our qa/dev environments and report all issues before they hit customers.

I wouldn’t even care if there were 300% more bugs on the beta runtime. Additionally it would be free testing for anvil.

Of course things like that are notoriously hard on infrastructure of which structure I have almost no idea . Still wanted to give my ten cents to the topic.

But as always outstanding support and fast bug fixing from the anvil team :+1:


Hi @daviesian,

I think we are seeing a possible regression with this bug.
We were able to reproduce the same issue as above on two seperate devices.
As far as I know of this was working fine this morning - in case that helps.



Hi Mark,

Sorry about that - now fixed!

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Looks good - thanks :+1: