Experienced Anvil developer looking for contract work

Hi all,

I’m in a position where I need to supplement my income with some contract work. I’m looking for work that can be done fully remote and asynchronous, with video calls as needed to work out details. I’m in the Eastern time zone, but have worked with people in various time zones around the world.

I prefer to price by the job after the requirements have been worked out to both of our satisfaction. So if you’re interested in having me do work for you, PM me with some details and we’ll start the process of working out what’s required.

My background is around 35 years of software development experience and around 20 years of teaching Computer Science at the university level (those years overlap, the software development has never stopped, just shifted from full-time to contract work).

Projects I have done in the past for clients (not all of these are in Anvil):

  • Getting Anvil to work with troublesome OAuth providers
  • Writing background tasks in Anvil to deal with long-running web API calls
  • Working with the Google Drive native API in Anvil
  • Working with the Stripe native API in Anvil
  • Building Python middleware to normalize data between Patreon, Gumroad, Wordpress, Vimeo, and Gluu. This included adding expiring pledges to those systems that didn’t support them
  • Adapting the above middleware for WorldCon’s online convention during the pandemic
  • Designed a system for automated trading of cryptocurrencies
  • Designed a system for tracking renter information across time/properties for analytics
  • Wrote an Anvil app to allow members of a small community during the pandemic to post needs and for other members to fill those needs
  • No doubt others I’ve forgotten over the years

Projects I have done for fun (not all of these are in Anvil):

Things I am good at:

  • General Anvil development
  • Anvil/Javascript integration
  • Anvil Canvas - I wrote this tutorial app to get people through the basic learning curve: https://canvas-examples.anvil.app
  • Working with background tasks
  • Working with Web APIs
  • Minimizing user experience of delays
  • Probably others I’m forgetting

Things I am not good at (e.g. don’t ask me to do any of these things, or you’re wasting your money):

  • Making an app look pretty (HTML/CSS)