EthDam Hackathon

@james.campbell and I will be participating in the EthDam hackathon in a couple of weeks’ time.

We reckon we know a framework that might help us build a web app quite quickly!


Lots of interest in anvil at the event. At least one convert already!


Just spent half an hour showing anvil to a bunch of other hackers. It’s almost like having a booth!


Well, we carried off two of the bounties on offer. $3000 in total.

Anvil really proved itself!


Here’s what we built

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Firstly - well done!

However, the link to the live app has an error :

AttributeError: 'Window' object has no attribute 'ethereum'

Ah yes. Complete lack of docs!

You’d need some sort of crypto wallet available to the browser for this to work.

The brave browser has one built in. The metamask extension is a popular choice. I use the frame desktop wallet and its companion browser extension.

(adds another Todo to the list… Must handle voters who don’t have wallets installed)

Annoyingly, you don’t actually need one to vote but you do (for now) to create a ballot and we didn’t handle the difference. We also didn’t do many, many other things! Plenty Todo remaining.

This was started at 0900 Saturday, submitted 1400 Sunday and, unlike several other competitors, my days of pulling an all nighter are long gone.

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We also couldn’t get one of the js libs to work, so we had to do some stuff server side via uplink (because there’s no rust compiler available when you install a normal server side package) so it won’t work at all right now. We’ve shut down the laptop running that uplink.

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A quick blog post on my ETHDam adventure:


That is a nice story, Owen!

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