Embed Anvil app in wordpress page

What I’m trying to do:
I created a little Anvil app with free account

What I’ve tried and what’s not working:
Embed the app in my wordpress page
error>>>Because an ancestor violates the following Content Security Policy directive (from html view)

Code Sample:

# this is a formatted code snippet.
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<script src="https://anvil.works/embed.js" async></script>
<iframe style="width:100%" data-anvil-embed src="https://unselfish-sugary-lift.anvil.app"></iframe>

Clone link:
share a copy of your app

See Embedding your app in another web page

thx but …i don’t find this windows for setup sharing

Solution found with wordpress, with script of old editor:

<script src="https://anvil.works/embed.js" async=""></script>
<iframe style="width:100%;" data-anvil-embed="" src="public app url"></iframe>

Is there a way to achieve this from the new editor? Or, do I need to go back to the old editor to make this happen?

I would check this out in the settings:

Awesome thanks! I went ahead and tried embedding that link to a Wordpress site. It shows up, but for some reason, the embedded anvil app is not allowing is taking up all of the vertical space in the post. I tried adjusting the height settings in the code snippet with no luck. It is also doing a weird thing where the page keeps on wanting to scroll back to the top on its own. Would appreciate any thoughts/solutions. Thanks

Just a guess, but you might want to check the dimensions of your iframe.