Editor [was] down

Looks like the editor is currently down:
I get this for all apps after reloading.

Anyone else seeing this issue?

EDIT: It seems the issue is resolved (lasted only about 10 minutes):+1:
EDIT: Looks like there are sill some issue.

It seems that currently the editor doesn’t save changes.

This error occurs after a few minutes of code/form editing. After refreshing the page everything works fine until the message appears again.

Still down for me.
I’m getting the following error: ‘Cannot destructure property ‘forms’ of ‘a.content’ as it is undefined’.

The message before I refreshed was essentially, ‘not saving/cannot save and must refresh’ .

Interestingly, it looks like all changes have actually been saved - i.e. everything came back before the error recurred.

@oliverduce same for me.

In my case it always occurs when i am working in the design guide.

I still have heavy issues working in the editor at the moment.
It does not save changes and I recieve “you have made changes elswhere” although that is not happening.

Any update on the issue?

Update: I found that some branches are corrupted, creating a new branch from the last commit solved the issues descriped in this post.

I am not seeing that in my end, but I am getting “Internal Server Errors” when running in the IDE.

Spoke too soon…

TL;DR: This incident should now be resolved.

Hi folks - apologies for the silence here. We’ve been hitting capacity on a crucial database this week, in a way that required a brief (seconds) interruption in service to rectify. We were hoping to wait it out until the weekend, or at least a less busy time of day, but as we investigated we discovered that the issues were bad enough that we just had to push the button. We have now done that, and service should be restored.

I apologise for the rough ride using the editor today (the constraint probably bit a couple of other places, but the editor was hit the hardest).

We should now be back on an even keel, and the versioning issues (which were downstream of the same issue) should now be resolved. If you’re seeing any ongoing effects, please report them!

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Thanks for the clarification. @meredydd
Looks good on our side :+1: