[Done] Database Side Panel - Start Folded

Hi anvil team,

In some of my apps, I have multiple databases which I need to manage and frequently jump between them. Would be beneficial if the databases start folded when we click on the side panel.

Currently, whenever you go to the “Data” side panel, all databases are expanded.

Kind regards,


I’d like it if at least the current ̶D̶e̶f̶a̶u̶l̶t̶ database started expanded (as currently).

Agree. Even if it’s just a few databases, but they don’t all fit on screen at the same time when expanded.

Alternative: a “collapse all” button. Not as automatic, but handy afterwards, too. And not just for databases…!

Or, perhaps, the IDE’s “current database” (when it’s different from the Default Database)?

Yes, that’s what I actually had in mind.

Currently all databases are expanded, not only the current or default.

I am working on the development branch, which is linked to a different database from the production branch. Every time I add or edit a table, I end up with adding it (not too bad) or editing it (really really bad) to the production database, simply because the UI decided to show it up there, expanded, right where 5 minutes earlier it was collapsed.


In the interim, having the Development DB always at top would likely help.

Since DBs are listed alphabetically (for me, anyway), a DB naming convention might help with that.

They are not listed alphabetically for me:

It looks like they are with the exception of the default one:

I’ve been using the Default Database as my dev/debug database. Maybe that’s a helpful workaround for now?


Thanks everyone! This has been added to our internal list.


Thanks Anvil team, I see that this has now been implemented :smiley: The DEBUG database is expanded and all other databases start folded.

Much appreciated!