[DONE] [Beta] Keep the icon colors on the tabs

When working with several tabs open, would be helpful to have their icons colored.

Here a quick glance is often enough:

Here I need to actually read:


This is a tricky one - early designs did do that, but they were far too visually noisy. We will be conducting a design review once we’ve collected a batch of feedback like this, and I’ll make sure this is discussed with our designers.

I would prefer a colored bottom or top border instead of having the icons colored I think. But I could get used to either.

I do agree that the current no color system requires me to read and remember what everything is.

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It’s even worse than I described earlier: sometimes even putting the effort of reading is not enough, so I can’t use the tabs and I need to click on the tree on the left.

Here I have both a form and a table called Releases. Reading the name doesn’t help and the gray icons are too similar to make a difference:



The tabs are colored now, thank you!!!


They are colored… but it would be nice to have a bigger contrast.

In this case I have a table and a server module with similar names and it’s difficult to distinguish them:

It would be nice to have the orange and the red a little more different, especially when grayed out.

Not everyone is blessed with a super-bright monitor in a super-dim room (or super eyesight). So maintaining a substantial degree of contrast (for the less-fortunate) would be welcome in places like this.