Custom HTML - Anvil login form and alerts don't work

For the custom HTML (yet new question) - I have only one

 <div anvil-slot-repeat="default"  class="getstarted"> </div>

When it calls anvil.users.login_with_form() or alert() - it simply shows nothing and freeze.
No errors in console. - Login top right corner

What can be done? Thanks a lot!

A Clone and more code showing what is executed when the log in button is clicked would help!

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Here is a clonablle version of the app.

Landing Page form is a Startup Form. It is custom HTML page.
And there is only 1 Anvil slot -
<div anvil-slot-repeat="default" class="getstarted"> </div>

It calls client side code of the same Form

def link_login_click(self, **event_args):
    """This method is called when the link is clicked"""
    anvil.users.login_with_form(show_signup_option=True, remember_by_default=True, allow_cancel=True, allow_remembered=True)
    #alert(content=ShowQuestionnaire(item = data), title="", large=True)

Both anvil.users.login_with_form() and alert(…) don’t work.

Thank you so much! I really lost how to find the issue.
I’m trying to go step by step with manual.

It was because of <header> in the custom HTML.
Better to have only <body> … HTML structure, without <body> </body>